The NC Alliance of YMCAs created this toolkit to assist YMCAs, and other organizations, in implementing healthy snacking practices in youth sports programs. The goal is to provide resources that will develop positive and sustainable culture change throughout organizations across the state. The resources included in this toolkit may be modified, edited, or adapted to fit the needs of the organization, as long as they fall within the suggested guidelines set forth by the Alliance for a Healthier Generation.

Using this toolkit is simple and easy:

Stand. Take a stance on healthy sports snacking.

Select. Choose and use the resources that are most helpful for you. Adapt if needed.

Score. Help your athletes score more by encouraging healthy sports snacking!

Toolkit Resources are listed below.

Generic Healthy Sports Snack Toolkit (for organizations other than the YMCA)

YMCA Healthy Sports Snack Toolkit (PDF)

The document is listed by page so you can take any part of the toolkit to adapt to your needs.

NC Alliance of YMCA’s Healthy Sports Snack Toolkit Introduction

Table of Contents

YMCA Healthy Sports Snack Overview

YMCA Model Policy/Practice Language

YMCA Employee Handbook Language

YMCA Training Materials for Coaches Meetings

YMCA Talking with Parents

YMCA Parent Survey

YMCA Parent Letter – Fruit/Vegetable/Water

YMCA Parent Letter – No Snack

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