YPN: An Indispensable Part of a YMCA Career

The Association of YMCA Professionals (AYP) began transitioning in 2017 to a new leadership development network model that will maintain the familiar AYP chapter structure. This new model—the YMCA Professional Network (YPN)—officially launched January 1, 2018.

With YPN, every Y staff member—including part-time and seasonal—is eligible for free general membership in YPN. This membership gives them access to extensive career development resources and networking opportunities. YPN eLearnings and chapter events provide professional development opportunities that complement leadership development experiences offered by YMCA of the USA (Y-USA). Through peer communities, YPN members are also able to engage peers in their areas of interest to discuss best practices, troubleshoot problems, learn innovative approaches, and inspire collaboration.

All Y staff have access to the YPN events and resources immediately upon being hired. To access these benefits, they simply need to register on Exchange. Membership is free (although fees are associated with YPN events and eLearnings).

Staff who want to gain access to additional resources and leadership opportunities may become YPN Prime Members by completing an eLearning (YPN Prime Membership eLearning) and paying an annual membership fee ($65). Benefits of prime membership include a 20 percent discount on select eLearnings and YPN events, eligibility for the Emergency Assistance Fund grants, and opportunities to assume leadership roles in the chapter. 

To learn more about YPN, go to the YPN Professional Network page on Exchange. You can also view your membership page in the Learning and Career Development Center (LCDC).

If you are already a member of AYP, be sure to keep your membership current
to remain eligible for the Emergency Assistance Fund. You can sign up for prime membership at https://yexchange.org/ypn/Pages/default.aspx. Your membership
fee will be prorated.

For more information, email evolvingayp@ymca.net.