NC Alliance Marketing Communications Affinity Group Meeting October 6, 2017

The North Carolina Alliance of YMCAs is a coalition of 26 YMCA Associations in NC. In an effort to support Ys across the state, YMCA staff, policy volunteers and key decisions makers work together to advance the Mission and Cause of the YMCA.

One area for better collaboration between YMCAs is in Marketing & Communications. While each individual Association’s region and market has unique opportunities, demographics, and challenges, all are committed to promoting and preserving the YMCA’s brand and reputation.

To that end, an affinity meeting of NC YMCA Marketing & Communications professionals/leadership staff is proposed to support the following:

  • Build and deepen networking opportunities and relationships between colleagues across NC
  • Build and strengthen a statewide resource network of Marketing & Communications professionals
  • Align and coordinate marketing strategy where appropriate/able
  • Support professional development and growth opportunities within Ys across the state
  • Better support the NC Alliance of YMCAs communication goals and objectives


2017 NC Alliance of YMCAs Marketing & Communications Affinity Meeting

Agenda Framework

10:00         Welcome + Outcomes + Purpose

10:15         Community Builder

 10:30        Session I – survey results

11:00        Session II –  CMO Conference

 12:30       Lunch (potentially working)

  1:00        Session III – Where do we go from here?

 3:00         Wrap-Up

   3:15      Adjourn 

Friday, October 6, 2017 - 9:00am
Camp Weaver - Casper Hall
Greensboro, NC