NC Alliance of YMCAs Administers New Learning Loss and Enrichment Grants Program

In May 2021, the NC General Assembly passed and Governor Cooper signed into law S172, which ended a remote learning grant program effective May 31, 2021, and announced a new grant program to serve the needs of children who have suffered learning loss during the pandemic. 

The funds for the new program are drawn from unspent funds in the remote learning grant program, rather than additional new funding.

The new grant period is June 1-December 31, 2021.


Thirty-three community-based organizations operating 193 sites providing learning loss and enrichment were granted a total of $3,258,126 for summer and fall programs.

Resources for Grantees

All Subrecipients (organizations with LLE sites) have signed a grant agreement that affirms they have read read, are familiar with and confirm  full compliance as related to Grant Allocation with all statutory provisions outlined in:

Further, all subrecipients have signed a grant agreement that certifies any and all expenditures directly funded by the Grant Allocation will only be funded (through reimbursement, grant payment, loan or any other funding source) by the LLE.  By signing the grant agreement, the subrecipients clearly understand  double-dipping with other government funding is strictly prohibited.