While our YMCAs have been closed to members and our programs suspended due to COVID-19, we continue to serve community, because that’s who we are at the Y. While facing extremely difficult furloughs and reductions in staff, our Ys have stepped up, as they always have, to support our communities.

Take a look at our collective impact across the state among our 25 YMCA associations as together we have been at the frontline to support our communities during this pandemic. We all can be proud of this work.

There are countless other ways our Ys have cared for community, including YMCA employee assistance funds, delivering food and prescriptions to seniors, and providing services such as lawn moving. We have been moved by so many stories of love and care; here are just a few examples.

  • The YMCA of Greater Charlotte hosted 257 unique individuals form Charlotte Rescue Mission’s residential drug and alcohol recovery program at Camp Thunderbird; this video tells the story of how the Y supported these people at risk and provided joy during a difficult time.
  • J. Smith Young YMCA has been preparing about 1,000 evening meals a day since April 6 for children under 18 in need. “We are blessed to have a commercial kitchen at our Y, so we have partnered with Lexington City Schools to fill the gap by providing dinners,” said YMCA CEO Tony Sigmon. “The Y is a bright spot in the community in meeting this critical need, and our Board has decided that we’ll continue doing this through June.”
  • In April, staff at the Tom A. Finch Community YMCA in Thomasville mailed 100 activity kits to preschoolers from its Kids Club (child watch).  “I was hesitating about the expense of sending these packets, but we decided to send them anyway,” said CEO Billy Freeman. “A few days later, the mother of one of the little girls texted us a video to thank us. The mom shared that her daughter was overjoyed as she received the package in the mail. She had tears in her eyes as she watched her daughter’s excitement over receiving the package and then heard her young daughter share that the people at the Y ‘love me sooo much’.”
  • The Goldsboro Family Y called members on their birthdays!
May 29th, 2020