The North Carolina Alliance of YMCAs is an unincorporated coalition of 26 YMCA Associations. Alliance membership is open to all NC YMCAs.

The purpose of the Alliance is to:

  1. Foster statewide communication and cooperation among YMCAs.
  2. Gain consensus on issues of importance to the YMCA.
  3. Make policy and decision makers aware of the YMCA’s mission and programs, and gain recognition as a leader on issues that affect children and families.
  4. Advocate on behalf of the children and families served by the YMCA
  5. Protect the operating integrity of the YMCA organization in order to carry out its mission.

To that end, YMCA staff and policy volunteers work with key decision makers in their municipalities, counties, and at the state and federal levels to advance the mission of the YMCA.

The Alliance has bylaws and a formal organizational structure. To learn more, contact Sherée Vodicka, Executive Director at sheree.vodicka@ymcatriangle.org.