boys and young men of color mentor and youth picture

Healing and Pathways for Boys of Color

Racial Equity
Three YMCA associations in North Carolina participate in the first cohort of the national YMCA Boys and Young Men of Color (BYMOC) Initiative led by Michael DeVaul with YMCA of the USA. While this work began prior to COVID-19, it’s more critical than ever, DeVaul said.
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kids at picnic tables at summer camp

Data Shows NC Y Campers Increased SEL Capacity This Summer

Summer Day Camp
Educators and youth leaders know from research that positive social emotional learning (SEL) youth development with a caring adult helps children and teens develop short-term outcomes and skills that lead to long-term success, such as improved academic outcomes, stronger well-being, reduced risky beh
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children swimming in the pool

May Is Water Safety Month at the Y!

As communities return to “normal,” this summer following the Coronavirus pandemic, water safety should be top of mind. NC YMCAs want to ensure that water safety doesn’t get lost in our state's eagerness to return to a “normal” summer. As temperatures rise, kids want to cool off, whether that is in home pools, ponds, lakes, rivers, streams, or oceans.
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students conduct walk audit to address safety concerns

Youth Leaders Conduct Walk Audit to Advocate for Safety Needs

In November 2019, 15 students from the Parkland High School Youth & Government delegation in Winston-Salem conducted a walk audit around their high school to assess how safe it is to walk or bike to their school and in the surrounding community, and to share their findings and recommendations with local policymakers.
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